Thursday, October 4, 2007

Where Can I Meet Other Shellers Locally?

Besides the beach, try:

Houston Conchology Society

Check the website above for current meeting times.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Sources Used:
(search the library catalog for these titles and more @

How to Organize the Shells

Group by geography, type, or size
- Box with glass or plastic lid
- Foam to cushion shells

Basic information to include with shell:
•Common and scientific name

How to Identify the Shells

How to Clean the Shells

  • Rinse in water and let dry away from sun
  • “Soak in 50/50 bleach and water for a few hours”

What & How to Collect

Take only specimens without animals inside.

  • Bring containers – bag, covered jar, or bucket
  • Take shovel or digging tool, sieve or framed mesh sorter
  • Take pencil and plastic-covered note pad
  • Return rocks and other habitats to their original position if moved to find shells

What to Wear When Collecting

  • Take a jacket and hat during non-summer months
  • Wear waterproof, non-skid shoes (NOTE: old sneakers will do)
  • Use sunscreen and hat in spring and summer